Friday, October 28, 2011

3 Months Pregnant

It's September 11 and I'm nearly there... almost to my 2nd Trimester. My energy is starting to return and I'm not nearly as nauseous as I was the first few weeks. I'm already huge, which causes people to believe I'm much further along than I am, but this is my 3rd pregnancy. What did you expect? I'm mainly looking forward to drinking coffee again in a few weeks. I've really missed my morning cup. Other than that, it's been a typical pregnancy: tons of trips to the restroom, popping lots of pills again and eating a ton - I've been craving carbs, hamburgers, potatoes, etc. These upcoming months in the "feel good" zone should be fun.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fairytale Land

In early September we made a trip to Sacramento to go to Fairytale Land. Aunt Mel and Aunt Chris met us there and joined in on the fun. Mel and my dad had taken Beau once before when he was younger, but he acted like this was his first visit. Both Beau and Bella had the best time. We look forward to visiting again. Warning...there are tons of pictures.

Beau was so proud he was able to climb to the top of the pole.
Bella thought the steep walkway was the slide. She scooted on her bottom the entire way down.She finally figured out there's an easier way down.What kid doesn't like chickens?!?I think the crooked mile was the favorite of the day.Lucky Dad got to go down all the slides with the kids. This XL pregnant Mama wasn't going to squeeze onto those thin slides.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bella Laughs

Bella is becoming more and more animated. She loves to "swim" on the carpet. Here's a little video of her swimming.

While driving to Oakdale to pick up Beau from home preschool, I looked back at Bella to see her sporting her sunglasses. She rode like this the entire way into town. And every time I looked back she gave me this look.

About a month ago we lost one of Bella's sandals. This wouldn't be such a big deal except these are her only sandals and her feet grow so fast we were hoping to not have to replace them since we're entering the winter months. After a week of looking, I found the missing sandal in my closet. The buckle was hanging from Joel's fraying jeans. This has Beau written all over it. We were just happy to find her missing shoe.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Go Giants

On September 2, we took Beau to his first Giants game. We didn't decide to go until last minute, thanks Bob and Janice for giving us your tickets, but from the moment Beau found out we were going he was beside himself. He even dressed in a new Giants shirt (courtesy of Gabby), but it was so cold he had to bundle up. We went with Jon, Whitney and Kylie and although we weren't there for long, as the game went by super fast, Beau had the time of his life. Here we are, over a month later and he's still talking about it.

We came stocked with treats. Beau loved his sucker as much as he loved the game and Kylie looks pretty darn cute in that hat.
Whit and I took the kids to the play area. Beau had a blast going down the slide.And he was super excited to be able to hit the ball in the kiddie batting area.But the closer it came to his turn, the more nervous he got. In fact, he panicked when he stepped up to the plate and made Kylie go first.But he overcame his fears when he saw how great Kylie did and he stepped up to the plate once more. No problems this time.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And Baby Makes 5!

Joel and I received some shocking and exciting news in July. I spent the first 6 weeks in denial and adjusting to the news, but I came around soon enough. I even made a doctor's appointment and I was only a few weeks past my doctor's desired sonogram date. Ha.

In my first trimester I was nauseous all day long, garlic makes me deathly ill (yes, I get my exaggeration from my mother), and the exhaustion was overwhelming (no exaggeration).

Our little babe is expected to arrive on March 10 (Bella's due date) and we'll then have 3 kids ages 3 and under. It's gonna be an exciting time!

In late August we had our first sonogram. Check out our little peanut.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Camping Trip 2011

This past August we took our annual family camping trip. We went to the same place we've been going the last few years, Lower Bear Reservoir. Last year Beau cried all night long and he and Joel ended up in the truck at night. It was a long, not so fun, trip. So this year we were very nervous as to how he'd do. He did amazing. He slept no different from how he normally sleeps at home. And Bella did amazing on her first camping trip as well. She slept in her pack n play in Melissa's tent and had a blast during the days playing in the great outdoors.

"Is it time to go to the lake now? I've been waiting..."
Christa and Chris made it this year. I think Christa's last trip was 5 years ago. She's not one for camping. The Kennard FamilyMost of the gang.
Ashley, Janelle, Mom (Darla), Aunt Melody, Rachel, Grandma, Uncle Kenny, Kristin, Danny, Aunt Mary, Patrick, Melissa and Me (Vanessa)The cousins (we're missing Christa):
Danny, Kristin, Patrick, Me, Janelle, Melissa, Rachel and AshleyMelissa on the Kayak.Aunt Mary and Uncle KennyJoel and Beau out for a ride.Beau and Bella's favorite spot near the campsite. They could eat dirt/rocks, fill their water bottles with sand and even throw it at each other from time to time.Morning Coffee by the fire.Good Morning!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random August Happenings

August was a little busy for us. The kids got a little cold and Bella's cold turned into Croup. This was our first experience with Croup and it was super scary, but as always...all worked out.

If you're wondering what Croup sounds like, here it is. We took a video so we could show the doctor during our visit in the morning.

We came home one night to this large snake crossing our driveway and heading into my garden. Needless to say every time I enter my garden I'm a little scared to find it curled up under a plant.Beau and Bella spent an afternoon with Gabby and Popo and got ice cream treats. Bella eating this ice cream is somewhat of a miracle. She normally doesn't branch out with her food choices. Beau started going to Home Preschool this month. A friend of ours decided to home school her daughter for preschool and asked if any of us wanted to drop off our kids as well. So of course we took her up on her offer. They have circle time, play time, art and crafts time, etc. It's wonderful, and Bella and I have 3 hours of uninterrupted time to spend together. This particular day she was watching Signing Time on the couch. I thought she was sleeping for sure, but at closer look her eyes are open and she's fully aware of what's happening on the video.
We thought our little family band needed a piano so Christa let us borrow her keyboard. The keyboard hasn't quite made it down to the bar yet. It's still at our house and being played on a regular basis by Joel and the kids. Be sure to check out Bella's moves at the end.

We got in a Halloween costume catalogue and one day I found Beau laying on the floor enthralled in reading it. I laugh every time I see this video. He's so funny.

Beau and Bella love to race through the house. This day, Bella found my hat and was more interested in the hat than running. Then when she saw me with the camera she just kept saying Cheese! I think Beau may have won the races.

Beau LOVES to play with hot wheels, cars, trucks, etc. In this video he's set up at his favorite car driving spot in the house, racing his cars.