Friday, September 20, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Joel sent me out of the house for a good portion of Mother's day.  I was able to get pampered a bit and have a pedicure.  Joel sent me these picture of the kids while I was away.  Maybe it's not such a good idea for me to leave the house.

A trashed house!

My personal favorite.  A hot wheels in the toilet.

Let's Go Giants

Uncle Jon had a few extra Giants tickets and was gracious enough to take Joel and Beau along.  Beau's dream come true.  He loves to watch the giants play and this was only his 2nd time going to see them play.  The guys had a great little getaway.  Let's go Giants, SF Giants.

I think Bella was missing Beau so she covered herself up and slept in his bed while he was at the game.

Just 2 uncles and their nephew.

Quinn's 2nd Birthday

Quinn, the bull in a china shop, celebrated her 2nd birthday in May.  I'm pretty sure Quinn is Noah's idol as he and her are so very similar. Quinn's birthday was a lot of fun. Joel and Beau stayed at home because Beau wasn't feeling great and boy did they miss out.  Each kid painted a canvas with their name on it.  I think we've got a few artists on our hands, then they washed up in the water table.  Perfect Party!

 Noah enjoyed, painting everything but the canvas.  Lisa ended up painting his.

The girls had no problem painting.  Who invited that boy Noah?!?

Beau was so excited to be able to paint his canvas when we got home.  Bella even touched up hers.

Kentucky Derby

Gram and Aunt Susie hosted a ladies Kentucky Derby party.  They made traditional mint juleps (which they had to start making the night before) and completely decorated the bar.  It was so cute and fun to get away for a few hours.  We all wore our finest hats in honor of the derby.  Thanks Gram and Susie for a great party.

The wall of derby horses.

 Each of us had our own horse - our face as the jockey.  Aunt Nancy was in Oregon and couldn't be with us in person, but she with us nonetheless.  Her horse is shown above as the one trailing so far behind. 

Our Picks.

 The Ladies!

I wonder if Bella was inspired by all the hats and that's why she sometimes sleeps like this?

Sacramento River Cats

At Aunt Chris' suggestion, we took a family trip to see the Sacramento River Cats.  Aunt Chris, Aunt Mel and Courtland all came with us.  The kids had a blast in the kid zone and the weather was perfect.  It was a fun outing and we hope to do it again next season.

 Bella in the obstacle course.

 Phew!  Made it!

Fun in the Sun

May was filled with more outdoor fun.  The kids are finally starting to warm up to the water.  Next year I will have to try swim lessons again. I think they'll really take off.

 Underwear Swimming at Gabby & Popo's House.

 And, of course, a little wiffle ball.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Laundry Basket Rides

Some nights you just have to throw caution to the wind and do something wild and crazy.  What's more crazy than a ride in the laundry basket?  The kids loved it.  Good thing Joel was the one doing the pulling.  I tried and those kids are heavy.  

Laundry Basket Rides (video)

Bella thought she'd photograph our evening of fun and daddy was happy to indulge her by posing. 

 I, on the other hand, was not so happy to be photographed.

 Bella tried giving Noah a pull and he was soon left behind.