Friday, September 30, 2011

State Fair

This year I went to the State Fair in what must have been 10 years. My dad treated the kids and I to a day of fun. Unfortunately we went on Kid Day which meant it was extra crowded, but we still had a lot of fun.

Beau and Bella made sweet Honky Tonk music.They had tanks filled with huge fish.
Beau was even brave enough to touch them.My favorite part was this insect exhibit. Note the huge ladybug in the background.Beau and Bella loved the petty zoo and animals.They traveled along in style.And even rode tractors.Beau was able to go on the rides for the first time. He looks apprehensive, but he's loving it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day with Quinn

Jenny and Joey had to go to a wedding, so I was able to watch Quinn for the day. She's such an easy happy baby, which made for a relaxing day. I worked a bit, my sisters visited and we had Quinn all to ourselves. It was a great day to spend a Saturday in July.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Muddy Kiddos

Over the summer a few of my girlfriends and their kids visited for a morning at the ranch. Dressed for play we headed outside to explore.

Baker Elson getting ready to slide. I love this picture of her dirty face. All the kids pretty much looked like this when we came inside.Caleb ElsonAudrey Kunst happy to be in the bike.The kids playing with the muddy water lines.Mia Penner was so upset she stepped in mud and got dirty.Beau and Mia took off running.Poor Caleb Elson fell and just laid there until Amy picked him up.Bella took Caleb for a ride in the mule.Beau took the ladies, Baker Elson and Mia Penner, for a ride in the golf cart. Looks like Caleb jumped on to pose for the picture. All cleaned up and eating lunch, Audrey Kunst, Lisa Kunst, Pooh Bear and Baker Elson.Beau, Bella, Mia Penner and Caleb Elson

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trip to Nana's

In July, Beau, Bella, Melissa, Grandma and I all went to Placerville to visit my mom for the weekend. We had an action packed weekend. We had a picnic at the lake, watched movies, went to a community picnic and checked out the planes & fire trucks, and the kids did a little swimming. It was a nice little getaway for all of us.

Swimming, or in their case, standing.Nana bought Beau and Bella these glasses at the neighborhood picnic.
Before, with all the flare!After, once they removed all the flare.At the neighborhood picnic...Beau loved the fire trucks!Bella eating her veggie straws and trying on Grandma's inserts to make her glasses sunglasses.
One plane owner was nice enough to allow Beau to climb in and "fly" the plane.One night Aunt Mel took Beau and Bella to the park, where Beau conquered this rock.
On his way up...Hooray, he made it and he's so proud.This is our picnic day at the lake.Bella and Toby are friends at the picnic. This is before he turned on her and scratched her face. Bad Toby!Good times with Nana!Sibling Love!Bella walked right into the lake and Beau had to try as well, but much more gingerly of course.

Monday, September 26, 2011

4th of July

The 4th of July was pretty low key. We went to Bob and Janice's for dinner and entertainment - Leah sang us a song. Then afterwards we headed into town to watch the fireworks from the golf course. The kids were more interested in playing than watching the show, but Beau was really impressed with all the fireworks being set off around town on our way home. Next year we'll have to buy Beau and Bella their own fireworks to set off.

Cheese!Crazy Extreme Cheese!Settled down watching the show!Wild ones having fun, not watching the show!Beau and Owen doing what they do best, running!Gabby and Bella!Our Entertainment.