Friday, January 28, 2011

Signing with Beau and Bella

Bella's signing. A few weeks ago Bella started signing Baby. Here's a little video of her new found talent.

We watch "Signing Time" videos all the time. The theme songs goes a little like this... "It's signing time with Alex and Leah, come and play." Beau has really made this song into his own. Enjoy Beau's version of the Signing Time theme song.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sea Ranch Fun

Well, it seems as if going to Sea Ranch for Joel's birthday is becoming a tradition. Bob, Janice, Joel, the kids and I spent about 5 days in Sea Ranch the first week in January. Bob and Joel worked on installing wood flooring most of the time, but took a break on Joel's birthday to golf.

Janice, the kids and I took a few walks and hung out around the house. On our last day there we were all able to go to the beach, run around and check out the sunbathing seals. We had a great time and are hoping to go back again in February. We'll see...

On our walk to the beach we stopped at a hollow tree to take a picture.Gabby, Beau and Gigi on our walk to the beach.High tide, can't go down to the beach, but the view is amazing.Beau enjoyed feeding the turkeys outside the house every day.Happy 31st Daddy.Popo and Gabby swinging with Beau.Popo and BellaBeau chasing the deer in the meadow.
Beau enjoyed seeing all the seal sunbathe.What's with this family and running?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walk Away

A few days after Christmas Bella took her first steps. I was finally able to get a few of these steps on video on January 3 (9 1/2 months). She's still a little wobbly, but she continues to get stronger and stronger each day. My baby girl is growing so fast. Also, here is a picture of her two bottom teeth, as promised.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Placerville New Years

This New Years we headed to Placerville to visit my mom. Melissa came with us and we had a snow filled family fun weekend. On our first morning there we woke up to snow and later that day we had a small early birthday celebration for Joel.

Say "SNOW"Our Snowman!Bella sitting at the "Coloring Table"Happy Birthday Daddy. (Not sure why Beau isn't dressed).Eat Cake and Be Merry.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was fun fun fun. It started out with Joel, Beau, Bella and I reading the Christmas story, followed by a little prayer and then opening our gifts. Soon after Melissa, Christa and my Dad joined us for breakfast and more gifts. Then we all headed over to my Aunt Melody's house for gumbo and Christmas carols. It was a perfect, action packed day.

These posts are always so hard to edit the pictures. Too many memories. Sorry.

Joel reading the story of Jesus' birth to the kids.Beau's stocking is almost as big as him.
Gigi's frog toy from Aunt Mel, Aunt Chris and cousin Toby.Bella loves her new doll from Aunt Chris.Beau received new bedding, wall decals, etc. s from Nana, Grandma Jim and his Aunts. We tested the comforter's durability by tossing him in the air.Beau LOVES his new room.FREEZEMe and DadBella, Daddy, Aunt Mel and BeauThe whole gang. Don't ask me why I'm standing like that, or why Joel's looking at the ceiling, or why Uncle Kenny is posed in front like a bronze statue. We're a crazy bunch.Nana and BellaTupperware is good for more than just storage.Christmas Carols. Bella loves the music.Joel asked my grandma to PLEASE sign carols and once it started you couldn't tear him away from the action. Beau, Joel, Cousin Danny and Grandma.For your listening pleasure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas

The holidays are starting to change in our home and it's so much fun. Beau's starting to understand the holidays better and Christmas Carols are always on his lips. This year Christmas Eve started by Melissa and I making gumbo for my family's Christmas Day dinner. Then Jon came over, with his football helmet (no idea why), to play Madden with Joel.

Then we headed over to Bob and Janice's for Cioppino followed by our gift exchange. As always the kids were spoiled. Our Kesterson family is a large family and it's always great having the opportunity for all of us to gather and Celebrate our Lord and Savior.

Chef Janice (Gabby) and BellaJanice had an extra Christmas bow for Bella. It was slightly big.
Beau and Katelyn at their personal table "cheers-ing" with their water.The beautiful table and the stuffed family. Joel, Mark, Kaeli, Kelly and Trevor.Gift opening madness.One of Bella's new tutu's.It's a tutu party. Kylie, Bella and Kate.Leah showing off her new outfit and boots from Gabby.