Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Farmer Beau!

During one of my Dad's visits he took Beau out for a walk to a field where Joel had recently been working. All the soft dirt, dirt mounds "mountains" and the loader created quite the playground.

I figured since this post is all about Beau, I should give a little Beau update. At 2.5 years....
  • he weighs 28 lbs
  • he's isn't a big eater and he's very picky about what he does eat
  • he can recognize, sign and say the alphabet
  • he can count to 15, skip a few numbers and end at 20
  • he can hit baseballs and golf balls
  • he can throw a football and make baskets
  • he can draw circles
  • he can tell you his age and that his birthday is in September
  • he loves to sing, play the drums and dance
  • he can pull his undies & pants up and down, but cannot put them on without help
  • he can put on his boots by himself
  • he loves to play duck, duck, goose and run races
  • he will asks the same things over and over again which leads to him to talking your ear off
  • he can go pee pee in the potty but he is, by no means, potty trained
  • his favorite book to read is The Bible
Some fun things he likes to say and do...
  • "WOW! Look at that!"
  • When playing hide and seek: When the seeker calls out "where's Beau?" he will yell out his exact location.
  • *Gasp*..."What's that noise?"
  • "Mom, I have a question."
  • "Oh no, the monster's are coming or the monster's are gonna get you."
  • He calls Bella, "Bellies."
  • "Can we go to the music church?" or "Can we go to the kid church?" My bible study is held at a different church, than the one we attend on Sunday mornings.
  • When playing Ro-Sham-Bo, he sometimes says "Ro-Sham-Bella" or "Ro-Sham-Mommy."
  • "Bella's a princess!"
  • "Oh, that's so beautiful."
  • When playing sports, he says things like..."Tackle, Take Down, and In the hole."
  • When we are leaving his room at night he yells, "I LOVE YOU," while holding up the sign for I love you.
  • He asks daily, "Can we go to the party today?" We have no idea what party he's referring to.