Saturday, May 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was pretty much the same as usually. There's a certain level of comfort in tradition and I'm all for comfort. We started our morning off by letting the kids open their Easter baskets, then we headed to church, then to Gabby and Popo's for brunch, then back home for naps, back to Gabby and Popos for an Easter egg hunt, and we ended our day at Great Grams.

Earlier in the week Kate and Beau decorated eggs with Gabby.Bella spotted her Easter basket and ran for it.An Easter gift from the Arrighi's.Every time Beau pulled something out of his basket he yelled, "OH WOW!!! Look at that!" Adorable.Sporting their new Easter shades.Dressed and ready for church. Joel got them dressed all by himself as I was already at church.Full from our yummy brunch.On the hunt...Kelly and Kate.Easter Bunny (Trevor) and Bella. Priceless!Katelyn was scared of the bunny and copy cat Beau decided he was scared as well.He's still a little tentative.The polka dot girls! No, we didn't plan for them to match.
This tree at Great Grams has so many branches and has created a hide out / pathway. The kids like to pretend monsters are chasing them. This time the monster was Owen.Caught! I see you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lodi Easter Fun Run and Carnival

The day before Easter we went to Lodi for a fun run and carnival at Big Bear Church. Owen, Leah and Katelyn all ran in the kids race, then we all headed over to the church for more fun.

Don't ask me how, but all the kids got ribbons.
Owen & BeauOwen, Leah, Katelyn and BeauKylie and WhitneyWhile Beau ate lots and lots of candy, Bella played with a chalk egg.Bella helped Beau with the ring toss.Beau and Kate golfed......and he got a tattoo.Kate rocked the bean bag toss.and so did Beau.hum... "What prize should I choose?"A sucker.and another...always a sucker!
Beau went fishing......and bowled.Bella and Beau posed with the Easter Bunny and a Roman Solider. Although why you'd want to pose with a solider is beyond me. Pretty sure they assisted in the crucifixion. Maybe that's why Bella's so upset.Bella's chillin' pose.Beau on the hunt for Easter eggs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mia Turned 2!

On April 10, Mia Penner turned 2! Mia is getting so big and with her brains and beauty, those boys are going to start lining up at her door soon. Mia loves ducks, so it was fitting that her birthday theme was duckies. Cousin Kimi made duck cupcakes which the kids loved. All around, it was a fun day.

Birthday Girl and Mommy Opening Gifts
Bella playing with Mia's toysDuckie CupcakesMia eats like a little lady. Nice and clean!We received sugar cookies as party favors. Beau couldn't wait to open his as soon as we got home.

Bella's hoping Beau will share with her.Nope... He decided to hide out on his slide.Don't worry, I shared with my pretty girl.

Friday, May 6, 2011

While Bella's Napping

During Bella's naps, Beau and I have some time to ourselves to explore. Sometimes we explore the ranch, in baby monitor distance of course, and other times we explore our silly faces using my iPhone camera.