Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Noah

Noah has added swinging and guitar playing to his list of things to do.  Here is a great picture of him swinging while Bella pushes him and playing the guitar with Daddy.

Movie Night

Last weekend we have an outdoor movie night at my dad's house.  The kids and my dad watched Dumbo as soon as it was dark enough.  Then, later on in the night, Joel, Melissa, Christa, Jon, Whitney and I watched Friends with Kids.  It was so much fun.  I can't wait to do it again. Thank you so much Marius for allowing us to borrow your set up.  

Setting up.


 And of course popcorn.

Puppet Show

Beau made a Cubbie Bear puppet at Cubbies last week and he was so excited to have a puppet show.  The puppet didn't say much, but he sure did come out and dance a lot.


I'm sure you're tired of seeing the same types of picture of Bella but I can't help it.  She's so dang cute!

Bella's hair is getting so long.  Here it is in braids.

And here it is in ponytails.  And of course she's wearing her princess dress.

Here she is in Beau's bed.  She often times climbs in while he sleeps.

40th Anniversary

We recently had a 40th wedding anniversary party for Bob and Janice at the Ranch.  Joel got Bella dress for playing at the Ranch.  Fancy all white dress, striped socks, tennis shoes and slap a bow on top.  Ok...looks good.

 Later that night, Owen took Jon's phone and recorded this bossy exchange between he and Beau.  Not quite sure what was happening here, but it was entertaining nonetheless.


Out with Dad

Joel recently took Beau and Bella out to Big 5 to look for soccer nets (which we found online at Amazon).  Things got heated in the boxing section.  I think they conquered the punching bag.  1 point - Kesterson Kids.

Lodi Wine Tasting

A few weeks ago, Christa, Chris, Mark, Jenny and I all got together to go wine tasting in Lodi.  We tasted at Michael David, Van Ruiten, D'Art and Berghold.  Bergold was a close second since they have the "Music Machine" box thingy.  

I think my favorite was Van Ruiten and D'Art.  We had a good time and I'm looking forward to going again in a few weeks with my girlfriends.  I'd like to try, Harmony and Harney Lane.  I've heard good things about those two.

Circle of Life?

Joel took Beau with him on the opening day of Dove Hunting Season.  Personally, I'm not a fan of Dove Hunting, but I have to admit this year they seem to have perfected cooking the dove and it was actually good.

What a Mess!

The other morning, while Joel was up with the kids and Katelyn, I woke up to him sleeping on the couch and this!  I guess that 30 minutes of extra sleep wasn't worth it.  Wow!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Last Saturday, Melissa and I took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  We had our hands full, but had so much fun and so did the kids.  There is so much to do, I don't think we even came close to experiencing everything, but we were tuckered out by the end of the day.  We'll have to go back soon.

The Whole Gang:  Beau, Melissa, Bella, Me and Noah.

Bundled up ready to start our adventure.  It was perfect weather.  A little chilly in the shade, but otherwise perfect.

The Carousel


The Shark Exhibit.  Super Cool!

 Lunch Break.  Beau loved looking at the park map with Aunt Mel.

The kids were able to pet an elephant.

We saw a lion, which Bella loved since her new favorite book is "We're Going on a Lion Hunt."

We asked Bella if she wanted to see the Butterfly Exhibit and she said no, she wanted to take a nap.  This is the result 2 seconds later.

Beau was very entertaining while waiting in line for the rides.

 One Adult had to ride with the kids.  I'm glad Mel was stuck going on this one.  Looks like it would have made me dizzy and sick.

 Beau and I rode the S.S. Daffy.

 I also rode the high flying swings with Bella.

 While Beau paired up with a sweet older boy.  Although he looks sick in this picture.

 The kids loved all the animal exhibits including the Walrus...


 Sting Rays...

...and penguins.

A few more rides...

 ...and we called it a day.  Although Bella was spent and refused to pose for a picture.