Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bella's 3 Months

Bella turned 3 months this month. Not much has changed between 2 and 3 months, except for her size. She's growing bigger and bigger each day. She's also getting very strong and likes to give you the stiff back and legs so you'll hold her in a standing position. As of June 18, she's still in the bassinet in our room, but only because we've been really lazy in moving all Beau's stuff out of the nursery. She's still sleeping through the night for 9 hours and we've just recently increased it to 10 hours (9pm to 7 am). She's got such a sweet temperament and Beau's having a lot of fun with her as well, lots of brother hugs.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Onesie or Hat?

At Jenny's suggestion, I cut the button's off all Beau's white onesies, making them into t-shirts. These new t-shirts are wonderful. Living in the country, we are dirty most days, so these t-shirts are great for play time. Beau and I had a little fun with the excess buttons...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Adorable Babes!

Here are a few random pics of the big guy Beau and baby girl Bella.

I love to show off Bella's cute girl outfits...

Bella's all smiles all day long...
Beau's one cool cat in mama's sunglasses...
Beau loves reading my birthday card and hearing the music it plays...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day

For Joel's Father's Day gift we went to Color Me Mine to make Joel a dish to throw his keys and phone in when he walks in the door. After 3 hours, a break to feed Bella in the car on a 90 degree day, Bella crying and a random woman offering to help me by holding her, and Beau crying because we painted his foot... we FINALLY finished our little project. If we had had more time and more help we may have gone a different route, but overall we were happy with the outcome. Happy Father's Day!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dose of Sunshine

Last week we went to the Noma's house to attempt to swim. Beau wasn't having any of it, all he wanted to do was golf. I guess we'll keep trying. Before we left, Bella posed for a picture with me...showing off her new outfit.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


After Kate's birthday party, Jon talked Joel, Bob and Kelly into playing a game of basketball. It was an action packed game full of tumbles (due to the uneven pavement) and even a cheering section. Beau and I rooted for Bob and Joel as hard as we could, but unfortunately they lost to Kelly and Jon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nacho Libre

It was our turn to host the monthly Kesterson Dinner Night. Joel planned the entire menu, which consisted of a nacho bar, guacamole, salsa, a taco/burrito bar, salad and Funfetti cake (for Whitney's Birthday). To top it all off, we had a pinata! And Joel being the Laker fan that he is, posted a Celtic's logo on the body of our 619 Wrestler so he could watch everyone bash it in. We had a great time. Gram even said it was the best dinner night yet. Yep, that's right! So congrats Joel on a successful night. Can't wait to see who tops this dinner night!

The kids all took a whack at the pinata, but
it was Owen who took out his legs.

Yummy Cupcakes!
Beau helped fill Mr. 619 Wrestler.
Then he hugged him...
Sat with him...
Then attacked him...
Right in the family jewels! yikes...
Birthday Girl Whitney was the only other person allowed to hit the pinata. Happy Birthday Whitney!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar...

On the way to our last book club Beau had a little accident in the car which resulted in throwing his pants in the washer upon arrival. Auntie Christa was baking a cake and let Beau eat the big cake battered spoon, but not before she removed his shirt in hopes of keeping it clean - leaving him in only his socks and diaper. Good thing she did, because Beau went to town on that spoon.