Friday, February 7, 2014

Random July Happenings

Bella found a little quite space for her Bible reading time.

 Janice and Kelly took the kids to the library to see the reptile guy.

 Bella strutted around in Grandpa's shoes.

We spent some time cooling off in the ranch ditches.

 The Arrighi's got a new puppy, Sugar!

 Every day is dress up day.

The kids took a few rides in the wagon, being pulled by the truckster.

Joel, Mark, Marius and Ethan went to a soccer game at AT&T park.

Weekend at Nana's House

Joel, his brothers and dad went to Sea Ranch so the kids and I headed up to visit my mom.  During our visit we swam in the lake.  This lake is like a scene out of the movie Now and Then or Sandlot or Stand By Me... you get the picture.  A bunch of locals swimming in a watering hole.  I make fun, but really it was a lot of fun.  We are looking forward to visiting again this summer for some more watering hole fun.

Who's taller?  Quincy or the kids?

Joel's packing contents for Sea Ranch.


While I shopped, Melissa and Courtland took Beau and Bella to see Turbo.  Mel was a nervous wreck, but it went smoothly and they kids had a blast.  Thanks for a fun movie day Aunt Mel.

Leah's 8th Birthday

Leah turned 8 in July and had a little party at the ranch.  All the cousins are getting so big and, with that, the party dynamics are starting to change.  We were actually able to have a successful scavenger hunt and Leah even invited a school friend.  I guess the baby parties are a thing of the past, but this new phase is pretty awesome too.  Happy Birthday Leah!

Hudson and Noah

 Bella and Jax

Folsom Zoo

My girlfriends and I had all bought Groupons to the Folsom Zoo, so we made a little trip together to the zoo.  We walked through the zoo, then had a little picnic lunch at the adjoining park.  There were a lot of kids running around, but it's always so much fun to be together.

The whole gang.  ROAR!

New Friends.  Kendall and Bella

After the zoo, we met Nana for a little shopping.  

 Bella and Noah sported their purchases later at home.

Later that night I had to run out and instead of putting the kids to bed, Joel orchestrated a soccer game.  Noah had on the socks, Bella danced around and Beau practiced his kicks.  Someone should have told Noah it's not nice to show crack like that.