Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bella's Big Surgery

Bella's adenoid surgery day finally arrived.  The night before I had a feeling I should have borrowed Aunt Mel's iPad so Bella could have something fun to do during her recovery, so my dad brought it to me at the crack of dawn (Thank God because we would have been lost without the distraction).  

It was just Bella and I at the surgery center.  I insisted Joel stayed home with the kids because I figured, what's the big deal.  The doctor always makes the procedure out to be no big deal, in and out.  Anyway, so our day started super early (I skipped breakfast as usual...stupid), we checked in and spirits were high.  After Bella was prepped, I followed her into the OR while they put her under.  Once she was under I took my seat in the waiting room and waited.  It really didn't take that long, around 30 mins I believe.  The doctor came out and said Bella did great, he had also drained her ears, but did not need to put tubes in.  

Checking her vitals.

Before I knew it, I was by Bella's side.  What I had not prepared for was the waking up.  WOWSA!  Bella woke in so much pain and throwing a thrashing rage-ful fit.  There wasn't anything we could do to soothe her.  The nurses gave her more pain meds and she'd eventually fall back asleep.  This went on for a few hours, waking up screaming then going back to sleep.  After a while, she stayed awake and the only thing that calmed her down was Tangled on the iPad.  She wanted to open up a few gifts that Aunt Mel and Aunt Chris got her, and that lifted her spirits a bit. 

Once we were released we stopped by the pharmacy to pick up her pain meds, then headed home.  I think we got home around 3 pm.  By this time I was exhausted (mentally and physically).  I hadn't eaten and the sheer stress of seeing my baby girl in so much pain wasn't much fun either.  Needless to say, I've learned my lesson.  Eat and take Joel with me.  Her recover took 2 full weeks, which was no walk in the park, but now she's back to her normal playful self.  

 Just out of surgery.

 Calming down with Tangled.

Present Time.

 Bundled up with her new princess blanket from Aunt Mel.

So excited (even through the pain) about her new bracelet from Aunt Chris.

 Cousin Kylie sent Bella an I Love You message.  Best Friends.

A few days after surgery,  Bella was still pretty sore, but it wasn't anything a game of Sneaky Snacky Squirrel and her new bracelet couldn't fix.

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