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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wishful Thinking Race Track

Today I built the kids a masking tape race track from their room into the living room and ending in the kitchen. They were both so excited throughout the creating stage. But it was short lived. Not 2 mins after I finished they said they didn't want to play on it anymore and could they watch a movie. Me: NO WAY! Now play! They're still not playing with it.


Beau loves to race his cars and we often times find them lined up all over the house.

The Track!

Bella playing with the cars on the only part of the couch without a track. :)

Time to Scoot

Noah has reached a new chapter in his life: Scooting. He just recently started getting up on all 4's and rocking back and forth. I was able to capture his new skill on video this morning.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tea Time? No, Capri Time

The other day I came back from bible study to find Joel sitting down for Capri Suns with the kids. The difference between tea and Capri Suns? Dixie cups of course!

The Playhouse

Bob and Janice bought a new playhouse for all the kids. I guess you have to get these sorts of things when you have 7 grand kids. It was an ordeal putting it together, but with hard work, determination and little interference from the little ones, they did it.

Joel, hard at work? or hardly working?

I'd say, hardly working.



French Fries are a must while working with Popo and Uncle Mark.

Finished! Now let's swing.

Grandma Helen's 80th

This past May my Grandma Helen turned 80. My dad and Melissa put together a big party with all her children and their families. Melissa had the idea to make a picture family tree. Not sure how that's going but here a few of our mug shots and party pics.

The Whole Gang!

Grandma and Her Kids: David, Rodolph, Marilyn, Theartis & Darnell

Courtland, Melissa & Beau

Beau and Aunt Mel in a heated shoot out.

Noah kicking back.

Bella back again to yell, No-Ah!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Game Mania

For my mom's birthday, we had a little family party filled with games.  As always, Commissioner Melissa out did herself with the array of games. And as always, we didn't disappoint by getting way too involved in each round.  After all, why even bother playing a game if your not going to take it seriously.  It's all about competition.

We played a total of 8 games throughout the day.  My team, Christa, Jim Chuck and Bella, started off with a bang.  We had a HUGE lead.  But BuzzWord ended our lead and ultimately caused us to lose by ONE point.  Boo.

Congratulations to Joel, Mom, Courtland and Beau.  You fought a good fight, but we'll get you next time.

Challenge:  To make the tallest standing structure using toothpicks and dots.  We Won!

Their structure fell over.  It was pretty, but pretty doesn't cut it.

10 mins after the game ended, they are still trying to make it stand.  Give it up already!

Challenge:  To guide one blindfolded team member through the obstacle course without them touching anytime.  Fastest team wins. They won by 10 seconds.  Only 10 seconds and we had to start over twice due to illegal touching - all because of me.  Ugh!

The winning team!

Father's Day 2012

I just realized I forgot to tell you about Joel's Father's Day gift. This year the older kids completed surveys on Dad and made him a DAD sign. We love the way the sign turned out and had a ton of laughs over the surveys.

We also made a GRANDPA sign for Popo since there are 7 grand kids but unfortunately I don't have a picture of that masterpiece.

Les Miserables

A few weeks ago we took Gram to San Francisco to see Les Miserables as an early birthday present.  Joel had an entire itinerary planned for the weekend.  Unfortunately we left a little later than expected, hit a ton of traffic and I forgot my pump attachments, so...the itinerary went out the window.  We were so off schedule we didn't even have time to check in to the hotel and had to go to the play in our traveling clothes.  But, we did have a wonderful time nonetheless.  Dinner at Scomas, Les Miserables, midnight drinks at The View, shopping, and more great food.

This trip takes the cake for Worst Pictures Ever!  I'm going to go ahead and show them to you.  These sorts of pictures makes us wonder, "Do we really look like this in person?"

Joel and I at breakfast.

Kelly and Janice bought new sunglasses.  Now we all match. 

At The View for midnight drinks.

We had lunch at the Beach Chalet.  

Gram and I at Scomas.

Janice and Kelly at John's Grill.

Bob and Gram at John's Grill.

My mom, Melissa and Christa babysat the kids while we were away.  Nana made Bella into her mimi me by braiding her hair. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Noah's 5 Months

On August 15 Noah turned 5 months.  He's battling his second cold, but seems to be handling it great.  He's now sleeping through the night, well...basically.  He goes down at 8 pm and gets up between 5 and 6:30 am, then back down until 8.  I'd say that's success.  Just this past week we increased his solids.  He's now eating solid food twice a day.  He's getting better at gripping toys and as such he's learned how to get back at Bella by pulling out her hair.  He's also somewhat mobile by rolling all over the place.  He loves attention and is generous with his smiles and laughs.  He weighs 15.6 lbs which seems big to me and is already wearing 6 month clothing.  We'll have to wait until next month to see what his other stats are.