Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bueller's Day Off

In early March, Storytime was cancelled so Beau, Kate and I headed to the park instead. I think they had more fun at the park than they would have had at Storytime. It was a nice treat for these two cousins.

Wow. Both Beau and Kate have worried looks on their faces on the slide. You'd never guess they actually loved sliding down. Maybe it's just my poor photography skills.Dare Devils! Kate was pretty scared at first and made me hold her hand, but after watching Beau go on his own a few times she got the hang of it.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Times, Rain or Shine

The weather this year has been crazy, but it hasn't stopped us from having loads of fun.

Beau: "Can we build a mountain? A BIG mountain? Whoa, whoa, don't knock it down! Bella!!! NO!"Beau: "Look Mom, a rock!......a small rock." Mom: "Yes, Beau, that's called a pebble."It's all smiles during our outdoor adventures.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Snow Day

Last year we didn't have the opportunity to go to the snow, so we promised Beau we'd go this year. Back in February when we were having tons of storms, it snowed in Pioneer at the Noma's house. So, we packed up and headed there for the weekend. Unfortunately the power was out at the house, so we couldn't stay, but we made the best of our snow day regardless.

Test run while packing.It was warmer outside, than in the house, so we had a picnic lunch outside.Smile! Say Cheese! Ok, Frowns all around.Diva Mia!Our two beautiful snow babes!Mommy and Bella!Traveling in style!Beau was scared of the snow. His line of the day was, *whine* "Daddy, Up!"All tuckered out. Beau, Mia and her duckie!Looks like Bella stole Mia's glasses!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bella's 11 Months

On February 18 Bella turned 11 months. I may have lied in my past Bella monthly updates when I stated she's saying a few words. She's not! Everything that comes out of her mouth sounds like mama or dada, but I think it's just baby gibberish. She can't connect the word with the person yet. So, we'll keep our fingers crossed that our little baby girl will soon start putting word and people/things together. She's still a bundle of joy and is now starting to eat more foods. Cheerios, cheese, fruits, etc. She's starting to dislike her baby food, so hopefully she'll start to eat more solid foods so we can eliminate the baby food.

Bella's newest thing is she's started trying to jump and spin. Her jumps consist of her throwing her hands in the air and grunting and her spins are more like a slow walk in a circle. Here's a little video of her spin moves during our nightly dance party before bed.

* Yes, I'm aware her shirt is dirty. We live on a ranch, these are her play clothes. Sorry.

What Beau was doing during Bella's big photo shoot.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends, Walking and Football

In Early February Kris and Parker came over to visit. Kris and I got a glimpse at what future sleepovers would be like.

Aunt Chris is always upset when someone is able to visit and she can't come as well. She always requests that we send her pictures and videos. This day she wanted to see videos of Bella walking, so this is what she got. This was taken while we were playing Beau's favorite game, Duck Duck Goose.

A few years ago Melissa and Christa gave Joel the best Father's Day card ever. We've kept it on display ever since. It's a little boy, in a football helmet with Dolphin's colors and his underwear. The other day Beau was wearing his helmet and Joel and I were reminded of the card, so we asked Beau to pose with the card.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Videos

A while back we had a little play date at The Penner's house and Whitney and Kylie joined us. Kylie loves to play Ring Around The Rosie and of course Beau was more than happy to play along with her.

I find it so interesting that Beau loves to watch himself on my phone AND he knows how to use my phone. Sometimes I think he may even know how to use it better than Joel. Here's a little video of Beau checking himself out on my phone. As you can see, he loves himself.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random January Happenings

Our house is the pit of computer despair. In January our external hard drive kicked the bucket, causing us to lose all our pictures from April 2010-February 2011. But at least I blog and I always have pics on my phone. So here's a little snapshot of what happened in January.

I spent hours putting together train tracks only to have my two little Godzilla's knock it down in seconds.Just a casual breakfast watching Sesame Street.

We're still working on potty training, so most days Beau goes without pants. On this fine day he thought his outfit need a little something extra...his rain boots.

Bella is super duper mellow. One day I found her laying down, playing with the ball machine. See if you can spot her. Hint: Her hand is on the blue handle.

We took a family trip to get frozen yogurt.

Bella loves to sleep with her baby dolls.

Bella discovered the joys of the laundry basket and Beau joined in.

We took many trips to the library for Storytime.

We shopped at Costco.And, Joel and Beau had Ice Cream Sunday while I was away for the weekend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nana & Aunt Mel's Visit

My mom and Melissa came to stay with us for the weekend and during her visit we spent a little time at the park. The kids always have a blast playing with Nana and Aunt Mel. We love our special family visits.

Superbowl 2011

This year our Superbowl festivities were somewhat mellow. We joined Joel's family at Kelly and Trevor's house to "watch" the big game. I put "watch" in quotes because we spent more time watching our kids than the game, but it was fun nonetheless. Leah put together a play, which consisted of lining up all the cousins in a row. We didn't see any acting, but we did see a row of smiling faces. And that was good enough for us.