Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ask and you shall receive.

The wait is over. We have finally decided to start blogging, mainly because Amy wouldn't stop bugging me until I started one. Since this is our first post, I've decided to give you a little update on the family.

Joel and I have ordered our new home. "Ordered our new home". That's funny to say. It will be ready to be delivered in January. So we're locked in. Yikes. Hopefully our house will sell soon. Or we'll be blessed with enough money to pay off our mortgage. I'm praying we'll be able to pay off our mortgage all at once. :)

Beau's almost 3 months old. It's hard to believe just 3 months ago he was still in my tummy. He's so animated and is really starting to come to life. We are really enjoying his constant babble. He's going to be a talker.

I know this post is a little boring, but it's a start.