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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas day started out the same as it does every year - reading the Christmas story, praying together, then presents.  Only difference is the kids are a year older and much more excited.  It just keeps getting better and better.

 Bella wouldn't let go of her new Woody and Jessie.

Courtland bought Beau Cowboy gloves so they could play catch together. 

Nana made the kids pj's for Christmas this year.  They are slightly big on Beau and huge on Bella, but they loved trying them on and telling Nana Thank you. We'll have to get them out again in a year or so. (Video)

While the kids were trying on Nana's pj's, the rest of the family went to Bob & Janice's house to play a little music.  They had fun making up songs as they went along.  (Video)

Then, Aunt Mel and Aunt Chris tried to wish the world a Merry Christmas with the kids.  Not sure it went as they expected. They wanted to say, "Merry Christmas, It's me an Beau (or Bella), It's me and Aunt Mel (or Aunt Chris)."  (Video)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

As tradition, we spent Christmas eve making gumbo and then we headed to Bob & Janice's for our Kesterson Christmas.

Since I was out of commission, Mel was forced to make the gumbo this year.  So with my help and supervision we succeeded.  It's all ready for Christmas day.

Dream Lites all around.

The present pile!

The kids singing Happy Birthday to Jesus (video)

A Minor Surgery?

On December 19, I had a not so minor surgery.  It began with hernia repairs and ended with sewing my abs back together.  This meant, I was unable to pick up Noah for 6 weeks. We were blessed enough to have family to help.  Joel was able to come home throughout the day and move Noah in and out of his crib and hand him to me for feedings.  The recovery was long and painful but like anything else, it passed and all that's left is an 8 inch abdomen scar from top to bottom.  I'm feeling pretty good.

Getting ready to be wheeled into the operating room.

I came out to the most beautiful yellow roses from Joel.

Jenny sent me an edible arrangement.  Yummy!

Kesterson Progressive Dinner 2012

This year the annual Kesterson Family Progressive Dinner was at the ranch.  We started out at Bob and Janice's house for appetizer, then to Gram's house for Dinner and ended our night at Susie, Dave & Janelle's house for dessert.

The night ended in a dance party.  Too bad I don't have any videos of the window dancing (us dancing inside while those outside enjoyed the show), but I did get a few blurry pictures.

Beau's Performances

Beau is finally old enough to join in on the performances at church at his preschool.  It's fun to watch him grow.  And where we thought he'd be nervous and cry, he walked out with confidence and participated the entire time.  We're so proud.

Beau is in the plaid shirt and Katelyn is beside him in both videos.

House of Tykes Christmas Program (video)

Church Christmas Song

Christmas Extravaganza 2012

Each year, Aunt Mel & Aunt Chris has a Christmas activities day they do with the kids.  This day has come to be known as Christmas Extravaganza.

This year they decorated and put together a HUGE train, made a gingerbread train and they received a Glow In the Dark tent that you can draw on.  I believe it's called a Glow Crazy Doodle Dome.  It was such an exciting day for the kids.  They are so lucky to have such great aunts.

Beau playing with the glow sticks.

Noah's 9 Months

Well it's official, I've failed my 3rd child.  I forgot to take his 9 month pictures.  I also can't remember anything.  He's starting to get in his 2 top teeth making it a total of 4 teeth and he's also pretty proficient at feeding himself finger foods.  He was starting to get a bad case of old man toupee head so I shaved it all off.  Now we can start fresh.  And I can happily say it's growing in nice and even.

As of 9 months he weighs 17 lbs, is 26.5 inches long and his head is 17.6 in.  He's slightly smaller than Beau which is hard to believe.  They are built differently so Noah seems bigger.  Hopefully Noah will chunk up a bit more than Beau.

This picture was taken a few days before he turned 9 months.  He was sick but still looking so cute. My little cuttle bug.

Christmas Lights

This year we thought it would be more fun to walk Christmas Tree Lane vs. drive and boy were were right.  The experience lasted a lot longer and I didn't get car sick turned around trying to show the kids the Christmas decorations all around us.  Plus it was more fun walking with the cousins.

Go Mustangs

The Oakdale Mustangs were in the playoffs for the Div. 2 Northern California Championship. Joel and Jon took Beau with them to a game at UOP.  As you know Beau is a HUGE sports fan so he was on cloud nine all day and night.  And the make the night all the better, the Mustangs won!

The game ended late, so by the time Joel and Beau made it home everyone in the house was asleep.  But it didn't stop Beau from singing We Are The Champions in bed very loudly.  I asked Joel if they had sung that song on the way home and Joel said no.  It made the singing that much better.

Beau Singing We are the Champions (Video)

Breakfast with Santa 2012

Each year Janice takes the kids to Gallo to have Breakfast with Santa.  I can tell Beau's getting older because he didn't mind having his picture taken with Santa.  I think Bella's favorite part is watching the ballet dancers.  They look like princesses and that's her favorite thing in the whole world, a princess.

Noah stayed home with Joel.   

Beau sees his cousins coming in.

Bella would not take her picture with Santa and unfortunately, my camera caught the photographers flash.