Friday, April 12, 2013

Candyland Party Day

The kids had such a great time at the party.  Of course there was way too much candy and sweets, but it's one day out of the year.  Oh wait...I forgot about Valentines, Easter and Halloween.  Okay, 4 times a year. But now we're on a candy break until Halloween.  Well, we will be once the Candyland and Easter candy is gone.  Again, sorry for the picture overload.

Aunt Chris asked Beau to pose right before they left for the party.  This was his pose!

Birthday Boy
Birthday Girl

The party goers...


Quinn & Jenny



Aunt Chris!

Melissa created an obstacle course for the kids.  Don't fall off the plank into the gum drops.

Step over the candycane and hersey kises.

Jump on the blue game pieces only.

Here's a video of the kids in action.

It's Cake Time.

Oh ya. That's Right!  It's my birthday!

And of course there was candy.

And presents.  Bella received a new Cinderella dress and of course she had to change immediately.

The dynamic duo strikes again.

Candyland Party Prep

We decided to throw a Candyland themed birthday party for Bella and Noah this year.  A lot of prep work went into making the party as success.  It took Melissa and I 4 hours to set up the night before.  The hardest part being the floor, but it was all worth it in the end.

 I painted plastic plates to make lollipops.

Add a dowel and wrap in cellophane.  

Signs to be hung at the party.

Tubes painted orange, then painted with a white stripe, topped with a balloon and wrapped in cellophane.  Giant Lollipops.

Rainbow colored cakes baking.

Rainbow cupcakes ready to be baked.

Airheads cut to be used on the cake as the game board pathway.

Baked Cupcakes.
The final product.

Noah's Cupcake!

Welcome to Candyland.

 Take a stroll through Lollipop Woods.

Peek a boo...finally done!

 Pass through Peppermint Pass on your way to the restroom. :)

More peppermints.

The path then wrapped around the huge kitchen island.

 You can't have a Candyland party without Candy Castle.

Presents at Gummy Hills 

 Rainbow fruit skewers in the making.