Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Beau!

On September 14, Beau turned 3. Now, he's only a year away from playing soccer, which he can't stop talking about. On Beau's actual birthday, we took him to Fun Works where he and Bella played most of the time in the kids zone.

Air Beau!Joel got Beau a new helicopter that may have been slightly advanced for him, but as you can see Beau LOVES it.And since it's slightly advanced, Joel and Beau have worked out a system where Joel gets to do the flying and Beau chases it around the house. So, a win for both of them.The following Saturday we had a small party for him at the Noma's. As always he had his favorite things there. His cousins, friends and sports!

He played basketball......and golf.
Poor Bella was sick and super grouchy, but this swing made her smile. It's where she spent the majority of the party.The perfect sized kids table. Eat up!
Beau got tons of amazing gifts. Thank you everyone. This year he was really into opening his gifts, but he did get a little tired by the end and just wanted to get back to playing. A friend allowed us to borrow their basketball bounce house for the party and Uncle Joey was brave enough to get in and get bounced around by the kids.This year I attempted Cake Pops. I don't plan on becoming a baker, but they weren't too bad.
Beau's party fell on Grandpa's actual birthday, so we made him his favorite cake. Lemon cake.Since we couldn't put a candle in a cake pop, we borrowed one of Grandpa's cakes so Beau could blow out his candle.