Friday, February 7, 2014

Folsom Zoo

My girlfriends and I had all bought Groupons to the Folsom Zoo, so we made a little trip together to the zoo.  We walked through the zoo, then had a little picnic lunch at the adjoining park.  There were a lot of kids running around, but it's always so much fun to be together.

The whole gang.  ROAR!

New Friends.  Kendall and Bella

After the zoo, we met Nana for a little shopping.  

 Bella and Noah sported their purchases later at home.

Later that night I had to run out and instead of putting the kids to bed, Joel orchestrated a soccer game.  Noah had on the socks, Bella danced around and Beau practiced his kicks.  Someone should have told Noah it's not nice to show crack like that.

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