Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sea Ranch R&R

We were in need of a little R&R and we were craving Sea Ranch, so we packed up and went away for nearly a week.  Melissa, Courtland and Christa joined us mid week.  We had SO much fun and we're all anxiously waiting to go back again.  Forgive the picture overload. These trips are always way to hard to narrow images down.

For a brief moment, all 3 kids were asleep on the ride to Sea Ranch.  That didn't last long and as usual it ended with throw up.  Luckily this time it was just Noah and not all 3.

 We spent some time at the pool.  The kids are still not comfortable in the water, so we only went 1 day.  

Look who finally arrived!

 We played a lot of frisbee.  Joel and I wanted to catch 10 in a row without dropping the frisbee.  Seemed like an easy task, but with the wind and our lack of frisbee skills we never did accomplish our goal.  

Bella liked to fill the frisbee up with sand rather than throw it.  

Beau was buried in the sand.

We went to Seal Beach on what seemed to be the windiest day of the week.  Beau and Noah ended up in tears wanting to leave, so we stayed for a very short time.

Joel taught Beau how to play checkers.

I caught Beau and Noah in this position one morning.  Playing on Aunt Mel's phone. Brotherly Love!

We took a hike one day.  It's so beautiful here and the hiking is so much fun.

Beau liked to lead the pack.

Bella loved picking the flowers in the meadow.

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